800REASONS  29.12.2013 -18.1.2014

800REASONS - is a one mans charity run for extremely endangered mountain gorillas!

Started out of an grazy idea combined with a frustration about how we - people - let our selfish ways and money rule the world.. And Now we´ve come to a point, where the running is actually going to happen, in Uganda, starting Dec 29th 2013.

So all together,
I promise to run
as many kilometers
as there are mountain gorillas left in the world..
That makes it 880 km. 42 km / day / for 21 days

By this run, we´re hoping to draw Your attention to our cousins, who now need us!
So please, stop for a second and give a thought to the gorillas. As the thought is a first step of the action! We also encourage you to take the next step and donate to the conservation organisations.

Visit also the 800reasons facebook site - check it out and LIKE!

I warmly Welcome You to participate our project - where every mile is meaningful!
Mr Jyri Reinikka